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"From Europe to the Orient"

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Hello, my name is John. My wife, Linda, and I decided we wanted to be our own boss. Originally, we came up with the concept for a store in the early 1980's but lacked the capital to finance such a venture. We did, however, start a business then called "Erlinda's Home Interiors". Rather familiar isn't it. We were doing catalog sales then. Had it not been for my number one job (U.S. Navy), we might have established a storefront business sooner. We were forced to discontinue operations due to several duty tranfers and deployments overseas. During my last tour, I was fortunate to be stationed close to home. Linda and I established "Linda's Home Interiors" in December of 1995. Once again, we started with catalog sales which quickly developed into a real storefront. Eight years later, we have closed the storefront and are now operating exclusively on the Internet. It has been an interesting and rewarding experience.

So much for how we got where we are. During my many overseas deployments, I saw quite a number of different and exotic countries. I often went shopped the many open air bazaars and small import/export shops. I wanted to be able to sell the unique and quality products that I discovered while browsing. How many times do we watch a show on television or see something in a magazine or catalog that really catches our eye but is out of reach of our budget. Well, we are not giving these products away but we are making them much more available and affordable.

I hope that you will find some items of interest here on our site. You can browse through these beautiful products by selecting one of the several product links provided. I sincerely appreciate your patronage of this site.

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