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"Italian Capodimonte"

Children at Play!!!

This is one of a series of scuptures by Berger that feature precious children as the subject. These pieces are so well thought out and detailed that seeing them conjures up childhood memories. Here we see a boy and girl on a joyous ride that is both reckless and exciting. Each piece is stamped and signed by the artisan which in this case is Pascal. It is mounted on a polished wooden stand. It is such a nice and unique piece of Capodimonte. The detail that captivates me are the eyes which are so bright as if reflecting the immense joy felt by children at play. The vibrant colors and the details of the cart make it a very pretty and distinctive piece to add to your collection. Just picture this item setting in your favorite cabinet and you would be hard pressed to resist purchasing it. The wooden base measures 8" by 5.5" and stands about 7.5" high.

Priced at ONLY ...$78.00!

Item is shipped via either the USPS or UPS with the buyer paying the actual shipping and insurance charges. The total cost will be calculated once the location of the buyer is determined. If paid by money order, the item will be shipped the next day; if by check, it will be shipped when the check clears. Payment maybe made via PayPal once email contact is made. California addressees must include a 7.25% sales tax. Orders from Canada are accepted.

Click here to order this piece, item #9B7360.